Security cameras decrease theft in some areas

Jake Dunlap, Staff Reporter
December 15, 2011

Recently, the student body at De Soto High School has noticed the security cameras around the school. These cameras, along with officers watching over the halls during passing period may be criticized by some, but it’s all with good intent. “I would say its a deterrent. Kids are aware now that... Read more »

Leggings should not be worn as pants

Caitlin- Web

Caitlin Walker, Staff Reporter
December 15, 2011

Fashions come and go. Fads run in and out of style faster than a slug hitching a ride on the back of a turtle. One fad that needs to run out of steam soon, however, is the habit of wearing leggings as pants. Sure, the leggings fit the dress code … barely. But I hardly think that any pair of clothing... Read more »

Community pitches in to raise The Barn at Kill Creek

Darrel Zimmerman overlooks the construction on the frame of The Barn at Kill Creek. The old Zimmerman’s Kill Creek Barn was destroyed by a tornado last year. You can help fund the barn by donating at

Sophia Templin, Managing Editor
December 15, 2011

The community of De Soto has come together to help rebuild Darrel Zimmerman’s Kill Creek Barn. The original structure was wiped out by a tornado on May 12, 2010. The barn was widely appreciated throughout the city of De Soto with the constant use of the facility. Weddings, birthdays, graduation parties,... Read more »

Boys finish second, girls fifth in Hays City Shootout

Boys Hoops Hays

Tim Mayfield, Ads Manager
December 15, 2011

 On Dec. 2-4 2011, the De Soto High School boys’ and girls’ basketball teams both took part in the 29th Annual Hays City Shootout.  The boys’ basketball placed second in the tourney after falling to a tough team from Kearney, Neb.  One of the major challenges that the boys’ basketball team... Read more »

Speaker addresses binge drinking

Debbie Allen and De Soto High School students simulate how easy it is to consume a deadly amount of alcohol by quickly drinking 6 oz water bottles.

Sophia Templin, Managing Editor
December 15, 2011

On Nov. 28, 2011, Debbie Allen spoke to De Soto High School students about the dangers of binge drinking and the foundation she started in memory of her daughter, Shelby Lyn Allen. The Shelby’s Rules Foundation was set up after Shelby died of acute alcohol poisoning on the first night of Christmas... Read more »

Congress needs to get their priorities straight


Robby Satterwhite, Staff Reporter
December 15, 2011

Did you know that pizza is now considered a vegetable? Yet another landmark decision from the United States Congress as they, like Nero, fiddle while Rome burns. Congress is wasting time debating nutritional guidelines and bickering on super committees and not getting anything done, while world events... Read more »

Christmas music contributes to the holiday spirit

Laura Meyers, Arts Editor
December 15, 2011

When I imagine the holidays, I picture the traditional sights and sounds of Christmas. The holiday season would not be complete without Christmas music. After Thanksgiving, the thing I most look forward to is listening for Christmas music on the radio and purchasing new holiday albums; this is where... Read more »

DHS students place at art show

Stick Dragon by Madeline Field

Tyler Bell, Photography Editor
December 15, 2011

Every year, De Soto High School art teachers Tim Mispagel and Scott Ledbetter submit student art to the Merriam Art Show. Merriam Parks and Recreation receives over 600 submissions to their show, but only 150 submissions will be viewed in the show. Students are allowed to submit photography, two dimensional,... Read more »

This article wouldn’t be any better in 3D

Francais Web

Francais Healy, News Editor
December 15, 2011

It seems as if every other movie these days is advertised as being in 3D. Ever since Avatar was released in 2009, a lot of people have been saying that 3D is the future. Despite the current 3D craze, I doubt it’ll stick around for the long run. 3D has a long history of having a few glory years before... Read more »

Apple’s iPad vs. Amazon’s Kindle Fire

Tim- web

Tim Mayfield, Ads Manager
December 15, 2011

In today’s mobile market, two competitors, Apple and Amazon, with the iPad and the Kindle Fire respectively, are going head to head for your business this holiday season. The iPad is more expensive, but is slightly larger, and costs $499. The Kindle Fire is much cheaper at $199. However, the Kindle... Read more »

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